Terrific 10 Ingredient Dry BBQ Rub from Your Pantry

Terrific 10 Ingredient Dry BBQ Rub from Your Pantry

As we continue the July 4th holiday celebrations this weekend, we are sharing the most delicious and versatile BBQ recipe for a rub from @Tara-Bench, founder of Tara is a former journalist, a cookbook author, an in-demand content producer, a talented food stylist, and an amazing food blogger. We are huge fans of hers and thrilled to share her recipe for this 10 Ingredient Dry BBQ Rub. It is the perfect seasoning for everything from ribs and chicken to salmon and steak. Follow her @tarateaspoon on Instagram for more delicious recipes. Happy July 4th!

INGREDIENTS (makes 1 and ¼ cups)


1. Adjust the FinaPods to a coarse grind setting and grind specified amounts of each spice into a bowl.

2. Combine with the rest of the ingredients in that bowl, making sure that the brown sugar is thoroughly mixed and evenly distributed.

3. Pour some of the mixture into a FinaPod Pro Plus. Be sure to adjust this grinder to a fine grind setting for the final grind of ingredients. Use this for dispensing the rub onto the meat when you cook. Refill this FinaPod as you need more rub.

4. Store the balance of the mixture in an airtight container for up to 6 months.

Notes & Tips

1. Keep the rub you stored in a plastic container or a glass jar in the cupboard or pantry.

2. If you choose to store all of the rub in a glass or plastic container, to avoid cross-contamination, remove a few tablespoons of the rub to another bowl to use on your meat so you’re not going in and out of the supply container.

3. If you are dispensing directly from the FinaPod Pro Plus there is no risk of cross contamination.

4. This rub makes a great summer gift! Tie a string and tag around the top of the glass jar with instructions and give it away!

5. Use this rub for ribs, pork shoulder, brisket, chicken, salmon, and even sprinkle a little on top of hamburgers or turkey burgers.