Ten years ago, we found ourselves face-to-face with our greatest challenge yet: to correct the flaws of an imperfect spice grinder, flaws so deep they had become the norm, and then build from the ground up a brand new grinder of the likes nobody had ever seen.

My company was already selling millions of spice grinders a year, but something was compelling me towards innovation—that persistent voice in the back of my head borne from our love of freshly ground spices. So, fueled with excitement and ambition, I set out to give my cherished customers the spice grinder they deserve.

From this I devised a list describing the ultimate spice grinder. A defense against the cross-contamination of flavors. A quicker, more efficient way of changing spices. Single-handed operation. These features were virtually unheard of within the current spice grinding industry. Months of development passed. For a year the project fell onto the backburner. 

And then I cracked it: interchangeable pods.

The next thirty months saw my company race from breakthrough to breakthrough and then, with unprecedented speed, the perfect spice grinder I had for so long nurtured in my mind became a magical reality. At last, FinaMill was born.

With the dawn of FinaMill, the grand mission becomes strikingly clear: to create beautiful and awesome products that infinitely enhance every cooking and dining experience.

It gives me great pleasure to present you FinaMill, and I think you will love it.

- Alex