Get to know your FinaMill

FinaMill Instructions & Guides Select, Click, Grind, Savor

  • Hold the base of the finamill with one hand and twist the handle counterclockwise to open.
  • Insert 3 AA batteries.
  • Replace the handle on the base and twist it clockwise until you hear and feel a click. This will ensure the handle has been fastened.
  • To open, align the grooves with the cutout as shown on figure 01.
  • Grip onto the grooves and twist the clear plastic cup counter clockwise. When necessary, insert a hard object such as a small screw driver into the slot for additional leverage.
  • Selecting your grind size: twist the knob on the bottom of the pod. Twisting counterclockwise for coarser or clockwise for finer.
  • Turn the knob clockwise to the end, this will shut off the grinding. Turning the knob counterclockwise to the end will unscrew and remove the grinding element.
  • Take the FinaMill and press the opening onto the pod. Once you feel a click, the pod is engaged and ready for grinding.
  • Press the power button to dispense spices as desired. FinaMill will not operate without a FinaPod inserted.
  • After extended use, replace the batteries if you see a drop in performance.
  • Grinding elements may be removed by unscrewing and brushed clean.
  • The clear container on the FinaPod can be hand washed.
  • We do not recommend washing the rotating base in any fashion. Water can get trapped inside and create a health hazard.
  • DO NOT wash the FinaMill in water.
  • DO NOT wash the FinaPod in the dishwasher.
  • DO NOT use water to wash the base of the FinaPod.
  • DO NOT use soap or detergent to wash the ceramic grinding elements of the FinaPod.
  • DO NOT use the battery operated FinaMill if corrosion on the battery contacts is present.