FinaMill Un-Boxing Giveaway

Don't miss out on your chance to win a free extra FinaMill - Enter your details below to sign up for our giveaway now! Make sure to follow the instructions below when unboxing and posting your video to ensure your entry is considered.

Giveaway Instructions
  1. Prepare your equipment: Ensure you have a good quality camera or
    smartphone with a clear lens. Make sure it's fully charged or plugged in to avoid
    running out of battery mid-recording.
  2. Find a well-lit area: Natural light is usually best for filming. Position yourself in
    an appropriate space where you would be using your FinaMill, like your kitchen or
    dining room, and where you have enough counter space to unbox the product.
  3. Set up your recording space: Find a clean and clutter-free surface where you
    can unbox your FinaMill. Make sure that when recording, the camera angle can
    include the whole product and you in the video.
  4. Unbox the FinaMill: Now that you’re all set up, start unboxing your FinaMill.
    Make sure to show each component clearly to the camera. Take your time to
    explore the product and its features as you unbox it.
  5. Share your thoughts: As you unbox the FinaMill, share your thoughts, first
    impressions, and any features that stand out to you. Be genuine and enthusiastic
    in your commentary. Don’t hesitate from speaking on things that were
    disappointing, confusing, or surprising to you - we want to hear it all.
  6. Post your video: Once you’re done recording, post the video to your instagram.
    Be sure to tag your video @shopfinamill! Posted videos that do not tag
    @shopfinamill cannot be considered for the giveaway.