Salt and Pepper History & Spice Guide

The Perfect Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Grinder

FinaMill is the ultimate battery operated salt and pepper mill that also grinds spices! It’s like nothing you’ve seen before. From coarse salts to peppercorns, our two in one battery operated salt and pepper machine is the perfect solution for your seasoning needs. 

The Story of Salt

History tells us that salt is much more than the coarse white spice we use on today’s foods. 
It's hard to imagine salt as payment, but the Roman armies were often paid in salt called ‘white gold’, which explains why the word "salary" was derived from salt.  Six thousand years ago, countries fought over the precious salt of Lake Yuncheng in China's Shanxi province. That salt helped develop Asia's civilization and trade power in competition with the West as they traded goods along the "Salt Routes." 
These days, with the convenience of salt grinders like FinaMill, kitchens stay stocked with the fresh flavor of "white gold".  There are many sources of salt and each has its place at the table. 
Two main sources of salt are seas and underground salt mines.  Sea salts are collected all over the world from Italy to Bolivia to China. Salt mines are more common with some of the largest being found in Germany.

Popular Salts

Maldon Sea Salt

It dates back to Roman times.  This salt is derived from its namesake - the sea - and produced from brine, resulting in pyramid-shaped crystals.

Fleur de Sel

It dates back to ancient times. This delicious European mineral is used as a finishing salt.

Cheshire Rock Salt

It is from the United Kingdom's largest salt mine that’s over 2,000 years old.  This salt is used in Cheshire cheese.  

Himalayan Pink Salt

It is from South Asia. This salt contains less sodium than ordinary table salt and contains trace minerals of zinc, iron, and potassium.

The History of Peppercorn

The peppercorn has long been known as 'king of the spices’. Around 3,000 years ago, peppercorns began to make the route from India’s Malabar coast to Europe.  Over time peppercorns were traded ounce for ounce for gold and used as money to pay taxes, dowries, and rent.  Peppercorns are now grown in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

The pepper plant is a woody vine that grows up to 13 feet tall and produces:
Green, white, and black peppercorns that are all fruit of this same vine, but at different stages of the berry’s life.

Popular Peppercorns

Green Peppercorns

They are picked before ripening then dried. Green peppercorns are found in Thai cuisines.

White Peppercorns

They are ripened red pepper berries, dried in the sun, and then have had their skin removed.  White peppercorns are commonly found in Chinese, Thai, and Portuguese dishes.

Black Peppercorns

They come from the still green, un-ripened berries then are cooked in water and dried in the sun.

Pink Peppercorns

They come from a South American tree native to Peru and to Brazil. They are considered a nut.

Sichuan Peppercorns

Sichuan (or Szechuan) peppercorns are entirely different. They are not spicier than "traditional" pepper, but they have an ingredient that makes your lips and tongue tingle – some people say they make your lips numb. They have a unique flavor worthy of adventurous eating.

Why choose Finamill as your electronic salt and pepper grinder?

Unmatched Versatility:
FinaMill makes it possible to enjoy coarse salts, peppercorns, and whole spices like never before, thanks to our patented interchangeable FinaPods. Each electric spice mill comes with two FinaPods to use as you please. Each pod is reusable and holds its own spice. Whether seeking an electric salt grinder or battery pepper mill the FinaMill acts as both. 
Simply load one FinaPod with the coarse salt of your choosing, and the other with your favorite selection of peppercorns, lower the FinaMill, click it onto a pod, and you’re ready to go.  

Finamill as Your Two in One Battery Powered Salt and Pepper Grinder

Adjustable Coarseness

With a quick click of your FinaPod, you can easily adjust the coarseness of your salt or favorite peppercorn.Whether spicing up salads with freshly ground peppercorns or adding coarse bits of sea salt to the ultimate caramel cookies, FinaMill puts the power of customizable fresh flavor in your hands.

Prevent Flavor Contamination

With other battery operated salt and pepper mills you risk flavor contamination. With FinaMill’s individual pods, there is no flavor contamination. Our interchangeable pods let you enjoy the subtle flavor of white peppercorns while isolating the robust taste of Tellicherry peppercorns to their own spice pod. Chefs and foodies everywhere can recognize the subtle differences between Kosher salt and sea salt. The FinaMill can act as your kosher and Himalayan salt grinder with a quick pod change.

One-Touch Convenience

Additionally, traditional salt and pepper grinders require the use of two hands. With FinaMill, only one hand is needed. There is no manual grinding – just the touch of a button! A built-in LED spotlight prevents over-seasoning by highlighting exactly where your salt or pepper lands.

Cordless Mobility

From the kitchen to the grill, 3 AA batteries mean the Finamill is completely mobile as your combined salt and pepper grinder. From picnics in the park to your outdoor grill, your FinaMill is ready to bring the flavor wherever you go.

One Device, Fewer Batteries

Traditional electric salt and pepper grinders come in pairs - one for salt and one for peppercorns. While a traditional salt and pepper grinder set requires 8 batteries, your versatile FinaMill uses only 3 AA batteries. Swapping pods instead of devices means reduced spend on batteries and a reduced carbon footprint.

Discover why FinaMill is the perfect salt grinder and pepper grinder for every home. Bon Appetit!

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