Herbs and Spices



Spices and Blends.

KFC became famous for their “Blend of 12 herbs and spices.” There is a reason that they’re still around and all over the world; their chicken is amazing and the kick of flavor you get form blending up fresh species really makes our mouths water.

Blending herbs and spices is a time honored and ancient tradition. Some blends have become so classic we can taste them just by speaking the words: Jerk seasoning, Montreal steak seasoning, Cajun rub… Making your own blends is so easy, and so worth wile.

This is the best reason to buy a FinaMill. With the endless possibilities of blending whole spices, the world is your tasty oyster. No one in their right mind would buy a pepper grinder just to put one blend. The best thing about having a low-cost pod is that you can get creative and try different blends. Try some from our list or get creative and make your own.

Every chef will tell you; fresh spices are always better. When you mill them from the whole product, you unleash a better, sharper, more satisfying taste. When you make a blend, and grind it fresh, you unlock the power of each ingredient’s potential.

We’ve put together some of our favorite blends for you to try. Once again, don’t be shy, make your own too! A synergy of flavors is in your future.