Parents always say, “Eat your vegetables so you can grow up big and strong”.

As a kid, many of us hated eating veggies, we would fight and protest but at the end of the day, mom would win. Now as adults, a meal isn’t complete without some veggies. The health benefits of vegetables are numerous and well know. A healthy balanced diet should include mostly vegetables, with a variety of colors. If you eat the rainbow of vegetables, you can support a very healthy lifestyle.

Vegetarianism has been growing as a trend that not only supports healthy people but can also help to support a healthy planet. Meatless Mondays have grown to be a staple in many homes, and with the variety of amazingly delicious vegetarian options out there, it keeps getting easier and easier to chase away a case of the Mondays with some very satisfying fettuccine alfredo.

Vegetables represent an amazing variety of possibilities, flavors, textures and colors. A skilled chef can create amazingly appetizing dishes with eye appeal. Home chefs can cook up filling, satisfying and healthful dishes the entire family will enjoy. We’ve put together some ideas to get you going on your next vegetable adventure.




Roasted Root Vegetable

Difficulty: Easy
Prep: 5 mins
Cook: 30-50 mins

Roasted Brussel Sproued

Difficulty: Easy
Prep: 15 mins
Cook: 60-70 mins

Baked Potato

Difficulty: Easy
Prep: 1 mins per potato
Cook: 60-70 mins

Classic Wedge Salad

Difficulty: Easy
Prep: 20 mins
Cook: 3 mins