Why Freshly Ground Spices Elevate Your Dishes Better Than Pre-Ground Spices

by Alex Liu on Aug 12, 2020

Why Freshly Ground Spices Elevate Your Dishes Better Than Pre-Ground Spices

Every good cook knows that spices can make or break a dish. While there is nothing wrong with using pre-ground spices, adding freshly ground spices to a dish can elevate the aroma and flavor to a whole new level. Many people continue to cook with pre-ground spices because it is easy and convenient. They simply grab the bottles they need, season their dish, and call it a day. Fortunately, FinaMill makes a battery-operated spice grinder with interchangeable pods. It’s as easy as filling the pod, grinding the spice, and then switching to a new pod to grind the next spice. Read on to learn more about why ground spices make dishes taste better and how a FinaMill spice grinder can make the process of grinding spices a lot easier. 

Better Flavor

If you’ve never cooked with freshly ground spice, you don’t know what you are missing! If you were to compare a pre-ground spice to a freshly ground spice, you would immediately be able to tell the difference. A freshly ground spice has a deeper and richer flavor and aroma. Whole spices also contain oils that help make them taste amazing. As soon as these oils hit the air, they start to diminish. This is why freshly ground spices are so flavorful, because their oils are freshly ground into the spice and able to be enjoyed instantly. Once spices are ground, they lose their flavor over time. That is why using freshly ground spices can make your dish taste much more flavorful. Want to make your fresh spices taste even better? After grounding them, toast the spice in a pan before putting it into your dish to bring out even more flavor. 

Whole Spices Stay Fresh Longer 

Another benefit of having whole spices in your kitchen is that they last longer than the pre-ground spices. Not only will your dishes taste better with freshly ground spices, but the actual whole spices themselves will have a longer life span than the containers of pre-ground spices. This means less trips to the grocery store when you are cooking a meal. We all have those spices in our cabinet that we only use a couple times of year. How many times have you gone to use a spice only to find it is expired? By using whole spices and grinding them yourself, you reduce this chance since they last longer. Keep in mind that you will want to store your whole spices in a cool, dark place. Airtight jars are a great way to store spices in your pantry or cabinet. Try to avoid storing spices in cabinets above the stove top or refrigerator because the heat radiating from these appliances can shorten the lifetime of your spices.

Buy in Bulk

Another benefit of buying whole spices is that you can buy them in bulk. Instead of being limited to a tiny bottle of a pre-ground spice, you can buy as much of the whole spice as you need. Once you start cooking, you simply grind the amount you need for your recipe, keeping the rest of the whole spices stored away in the pantry.  Remember, as soon as a spice is exposed to the air, its flavor will start to diminish. This is why it’s important to just grind what you need for your meal, because any leftover of the ground spice won’t have the same flavor profile as a freshly ground spice would. 

Where Do I Get Whole Spices?

You may be wondering, where do I get these whole spices? Specialty grocery stores like Whole Foods that carry a unique variety of foods will typically have whole spices that you can purchase. In addition, you can order whole spices in bulk online from places like or Since these spices will last for a long time, feel free to buy in bulk and store them until you need them.


Better tasting food with deeper and richer flavors sounds great, right? But what about the convenience of just being able to grab a container of pre-ground spices and shake it over your recipe? Who has the time to grind all of their spices?

Fortunately, FinaMill gives people a simple solution. Our battery-operated spice grinder contains interchangeable pods that store the spices after the grinding. For example, if you are making a recipe that needs salt, pepper, and cloves, start by grabbing the whole spices. Then put each spice in its own pod. Grind the salt; switch to the pepper pod. Grind the pepper; switch to the clove pod. Grind the clove and you are ready to start cooking. It is so easy! Invest in as many pods as you need. That way you aren’t having to spend time cleaning out the pod between each use. Once you are done using your pods for the day, you can clean them by brushing out debris and hand washing with water. Let the pods air dry and they will be ready to use for your next recipe. At FinaMill, we recommend replacing your pods every two years.

Cooking with whole spices is a great way to elevate the flavor profile of your dish. Your family will feel like they are eating out at a restaurant thanks to the richer aromas and flavors in your home cooked meals! Spices start to lose their flavor when they meet the air. This is why pre-ground spices aren’t as flavorful as the whole spices that you grind minutes before adding them to your recipe. Whole spices will also stay fresh in your pantry longer and can be bought in bulk. Buy these spices somewhere like Whole Foods or from a specialty spice retailer online. At FinaMill, our battery-operated spice grinder makes it easy to grind as many spices as you need. With our interchangeable pods it is as easy as grind, switch the pod, and grind again. You will love how convenient it is! For more information about our products and how our interchangeable pod system works, check out our website today.