Save Time in the Kitchen with these Tips and Tricks

by Melanie B on Jul 19, 2021

Save Time in the Kitchen with these Tips and Tricks

So many times, we finish the day's activities and think, "Oh, no – what are we going to eat?" It happens. We get caught unprepared and HANGRY, as the saying goes. But we don't have to carry on that way. With the touch of the FinaMill, Cafe a la YOU is just a button away.

Things have changed since our mothers (or fathers) drove through a fast-food line and called it dinner or popped a pizza in the oven and called it meal prep. And while it filled our stomachs, it left a lot to be desired when the heartburn set in. 

The message was - and still is - eat better. Healthier. Or suffer the consequences. 

Just because we find ourselves in a pinch now and then doesn't mean we don't mean well. More often, the opposite is true. If there's a recipe, we've got to try it. If there's a way to put a new spin on an old flavor combination, we are there. 

One of the exciting things about cooking is that we can prepare one day and cook it the next. With a bit of planning, placing dinner on the table in a matter of minutes isn't so far-fetched. It still requires work, but it's so worth the effort. 

So what's the secret? What do these time-honored chefs know? What keeps the up-and-coming kitchen experts living to cook another day? We guess that they have a well-thought-out kitchen that gives them the confidence to own their space.

First, each one of them practices time-saving tips and tricks that work for them. You can save little bits of time by using little tips and tricks, or you can save lots of time. Here are a few of these tips:


Once a week, think of what you will be doing after work and what you and your family will need to eat. Plan those menus and buy that food. 


When you begin to prepare a recipe, follow the principles of “mise en place,” a fancy French term that means "setting up." Set all the tools and ingredients on the counter. If you discover that something is missing, you'll know at that time that you'll need a different recipe or that you might need a substitution.


If you plan for guests, like grandchildren, or in-laws, learn their preferences and stock the items needed to accommodate them. Some people are allergic to nuts or soy or other things that might otherwise be part of your pantry. By obtaining these types of specifics ahead of time, you won't get caught at the last minute.

Be Fearless

Don't be afraid to try new tools. The fun thing about cooking these days is that cookware and gadgets have evolved, so don't be scared to grow with them. You could find that your kitchen is a playground for your tastebuds. 

Why do we love gadgets?

For starters, they're fun. It's entertaining to take a new toy out of the box, assemble it, and figure out how it works.

For another reason, they help us be more fearless in the kitchen. Think beyond the salt shaker, which often leads to happy accidents. Think back to your own wide-eyed wonder as a young baker watching your mother or grandmother testing the cupcakes. True, poking a cake with a toothpick and baking until it comes out clean is one method of determining doneness, but weren't you amazed when you learned that you could listen to a cake? 

Another reason we love our gadgets is that we want to enjoy our kitchen, not create more work. Devices make the task lighter. Remember how our grannies used to crank the beaters? They would hold the beater in one hand and crank with the other. Or how about when they whipped up an angel food cake? Whipping up a cake wasn't merely terminology. They whisked it by hand until enough air whipped into the batter to form peaks like little mountains.

Your mother's spice rack might have had many spices, but many of them dried out and lost their flavor. What a waste, especially since spices are expensive and add so much flavor to your meals! Wouldn't it be fabulous if you could keep whole spices on hand and only grind them when you needed them?

With the FinaMill, now you can.

Yes, there are all kinds of gadgets. Those that make our lives much more enjoyable, but more often than not, we wash the tool and stick it in a drawer or cupboard out of sight - certainly not on the counter.

Well, until now.

With the FinaMill, there's no desire to cram it behind closed doors or into the drawer. Our creators thought of that. With its sleek, alluring design guaranteed to draw the eye, the Spice Grinder not only adds to the decor while it lives on your counter within easy reach, but it also makes a statement about you. It says you've got spices and are not afraid to use them.

Along with flavor, something else is equally essential: cost. Let us rephrase that—low cost. Just because our Spice Grinder appeals to the gourmet seasoning in all of us doesn't mean the price is out of range. 

Are you shopping for a unique gift? The FinaMill is a no-fail choice for someone special on your list. Because of its reasonable price tag, there's no more wondering what to give your friends. Send one to everyone on your list: your family, your boss, your best friend, even your health care professional - and don't forget the newlyweds.

Adios, bland, same-old-same-old salt shaker-style grinders - consider yourself replaced. There is no more struggling to grind whole spices. Arthritic hands love this product, and taste buds love it, too. Ready to say goodbye to boring? Give us a call today. Your Spice Grinder is only a FinaMill away.