How Your Spice Grinder Can Bring a Sleek Modern Look to Your Kitchen

by Alex Liu on Jun 26, 2020

How Your Spice Grinder Can Bring a Sleek Modern Look to Your Kitchen

Americans all across the country have spent far more time at home this year than ever anticipated. This has left many with no choice but to confront their home decorating strategies, or lack thereof. Those looking to “spice” up their kitchen with a revitalized decor strategy, with added culinary benefits, should pursue the purchase of a new spice grinder.

Major interior design and culinary publications, including Bon Appetit and Architectural Digest, regularly highlight the benefits of having a spice grinder to bring a sleek, modern look to your kitchen. Spice grinders also help revitalize your cooking by keeping flavors fresh. Fortunately, it is simpler than ever to find an aesthetically pleasing spice grinder at an affordable cost. Read on to learn how a spice grinder will work for your decorating and culinary needs.

Why Is a Spice Grinder a Worthy Purchase? 

Spice grinders are a relatively low-cost purchase for those looking to make their kitchens more aesthetically pleasing. Before we address the benefits of spice grinders, let’s first discuss the disadvantages of not purchasing one. At a grocery store, individual spices usually price from anywhere between three to twenty dollars. For those who are especially active with cooking, this can pose a problem not just for one’s finances, but for one’s kitchen space. Some opt to designate a cabinet, drawer, or shelf for their spices. However, organizing your kitchen to accommodate a growing spice collection is not always feasible for those with limited space.

When looking to purchase new spices, how often have you considered your options? What do you expect from your spices? According to culinary experts, buying and utilizing pre-grounded spices will not give your flavor arsenal any longevity. In fact, spices begin to lose flavor as soon as they are grounded. It is impossible to determine the freshest spices on the shelves, especially when the options are so numerous.

 Enhancing Your Kitchen’s Aesthetic Value 

Spice grinders single-handedly fix the problems presented by small kitchens and lagging flavors. When space is a make-or-break factor for kitchen improvement, a spice grinder is a must-have to keep your cooking tools as refined as possible. Ultimately, buying a spice grinder will free up your shelves and drawers that are filled to the brim with dull, antiquated spices. Instead of buying pre-grounded spices, you will likely find yourself opting to buy whole spices. If you make the well-informed choice to buy whole spices, toast them, and insert them into a spice grinder, you will save more kitchen space than continuously buying and storing spice canisters from the grocery store. 

Culinary experts also praise spice grinders as an alternative to buying canisters of finely ground spices. This is encouraged because whole spices have a longer shelf-life than round ones, especially when toasted at home. Toasting spices in your kitchen, followed by inserting them into a spice grinder, is recommended for adding fresh flavors to your meals. This demonstrates how the practical, organizational benefits of decluttering your kitchen’s spices also enhance the meals you make.

Spice grinders also come in a wide variety of styles, which can help enhance your kitchen’s visual appeal. Options include sleek electric models to utilitarian-looking manual grinders. The number of choices available allows consumers to pick a design that suits their tastes and preferences, or just simply matches best with their kitchen decor.

Most Popular Spice Grinders

There are two main types of spice grinders: manual and electric. Manual spice grinders are typically less expensive than electric ones. However, buyers should be aware that manual spice grinders are without a doubt more time-consuming. The manual options are also a burden to the wrist, which convinces a majority of consumers to opt for the painless electric spice grinder instead. Generally, consumers should expect to pay around $15 for a manual grinder and $20 for a no-frills electric spice grinder. There are also several spice grinders on the market with additional features that price up to $50. 

FinaMill is regarded as one of the most efficient, sleek, and high-quality spice grinders available for purchase. The New York Times reported about the battery-operated spice grinder, raving that FinaMill “is light enough for one-handed operation and does nice work on whole spices, offering adjustable textures from coarse to fine.” This is especially appealing for consumers who cook with a wide variety of spices and struggle to diversify the number of included spices per dish. 

Why Buy a FinaMill? 

Another advantage of FinaMill includes its accompanying pods. In fact, FinaMill is the world’s first and only electric spice mill to use interchangeable and refillable pods. The mill comes with either one or two pods, with additional pods sold separately. Consumers can fill the pods with whole spices of their own choosing. The pods attach to the spice grinder with just a one-handed tap on a countertop. The grinder’s implementation of individual pods brilliantly prevents the cross-contamination of flavors. This means that chefs can feel confident about ensuring precise flavoring in their meals when using the FinaMill.

FinaMill leads its competitors in its aesthetic presentation. For example, each mill has a smooth exterior. Customers can choose from a variety of colors, such as white, red, or black. The sleek, modern design is especially compact to accommodate those looking to save space and avoid clutter in their kitchen. Since the mill is expected to sit on your kitchen’s countertop for all to see, the grinder features durable, heat resistant construction that can withstand even the messiest of mishaps. The mill runs on three double-A batteries, but their producers are working to develop a rechargeable model as well. 

Spice Up Your Kitchen

A spice grinder is a perfect addition to your kitchen. Its sleek presentation allows you to cut down on your storage of pre-grounded spices. This will not only make your kitchen more aesthetically pleasing but will give your cooking an added boost of flavor. The FinaMill spice grinders give you the opportunity to grind spices with just one hand. The spice grinder comes in a number of colors to fit your kitchen's decor. Don't delay, buy your FinaMill today!