How the FinaPod Is Ending 50 Years of Stagnation in the Spice Grinder Market

by Alex Liu on May 13, 2020

How the FinaPod Is Ending 50 Years of Stagnation in the Spice Grinder Market

It is no secret that if you truly want to elevate your cooking, you must first master the art of spices. The use of spices in food is almost as old as humanity itself. In fact, some of the oldest tools we have found of early humanity were spice grinders. With all this mind, it makes sense that the spice market today is one of the largest markets in the world. However, with all the fantastic growth of the spice market, there is one sector that has seen a lot of stagnation. The spice grinder market has not seen any real innovation within the last fifty years. Fortunately, the spice grinder market has been reawakened with the invention of the FinaPod. Indeed, the FinaPod has shown that we do not have to be stuck with the same grinding methods as the cavemen used. In this article, we will show you why and how the spice grinder market has stagnated, and we will also show you why the FinaMill and FinaPod are bringing the spice grinder market into the 21st century. 

The Spice Grinder Market Today 

The spice grinder market today is very simplistic. If you are looking for a spice grinder, you really only have a choice between a few different variations. All these variations have become more and more obsolete as technology continues to advance. Here is a list of the categories of spice grinders you will see on the market today and why they have become obsolete. 

Mortar and Pestle 

The mortar and pestle spice grinder is the closest thing we have to the original spice grinders that were made thousands of years ago. It consists of a stone bowl where you would place your un-ground spices. You would then use a large smooth stone to grind the spices manually. On the surface, you can see why this method is becoming obsolete. First, the mortar and pestle system requires a lot of physical labor to get your spices ground up. You, as a user, would have to toil over your spices for a significant amount of time before you would get your spices to the desired levels. Next, the mortar and pestle system does not provide a lot of accuracy during the spice grinding process. Indeed, after you are done grinding, you will be left with a bowl of uneven spices. The one bright side of having a mortar and pestle spice grinder is they look beautiful in anyone's kitchen. 

Manual Spice Grinder 

The next innovation that hit the spice grinder market was the manual spice grinder. Just like the mortar and pestle spice grinder, you would need to grind up your spices manually. However, the manual spice grinder provided some quality of life improvements to make the spice grinder a little easier for the user. The manual spice grinder worked with you putting your spices in an enclosed container. At the bottom of the container, you would have a series of blades or grinders controlled by a hand crank. In order to grind the spices, you would work the hand crank to allow the blades or grinders to break down the spices. 

While the manual spice grinder was a significant improvement over the mortar and pestle spice grinder, it was still far from perfect. You would still need to manually grind your spices, which would be exhausting, especially if you were cooking for a large family. Also, the manual blades and grinders would still make the spices come out in uneven quantities. 

Electric Spice Grinder 

The last major innovation the spice grinder market had before the invention of the FinaPod was the electric spice grinder. Finally, after thousands of years, humans found a way to take the manual labor out of spice grinding. The electric spice grinder operated exactly like the manual spice grinder except for one major difference. Instead of having to crank a spice grinder manually, all you would have to do was press a button and the blades would do the rest. However, the electric spice grinder came with its own set of problems. For example, the cost of an electric spice grinder was far above what a manual spice grinder cost. Also, in order for an electric spice grinder to operate, you would either need to plug it in an electrical outlet or use batteries. This would limit when and where you could use the spice grinder 

The Golden Age of FinaMill and the FinaPod

 Photo by Ella Olsson on Pexels

 For those of you who were always looking for an alternative to the three above-listed options, your prayers have finally been answered. Indeed, FinaMill took everything good from previous spice grinders and improved on the things that were wrong with them. Here is a list of just a few things FinaMill is bringing to the market. 

The FinaPod 

A problem that exists with the manual and electric spice grinder is that there is no simple option when it comes to storing your spices. In fact, you would need to grind your spices directly above the item you were cooking, or you would have to dirty a bowl to store the leftover spices. FinaMill took a good hard look at this problem and decided we can do better. That is why they invented the FinaPod, the latest massive innovation in the spice grinder market. 

The FinaPod provides the perfect storage solution for your spices. In basic terms, the FinaPod is a bowl you directly put on your spice grinder. It works by attaching the FinaPod to the end of your FinaMill spice grinder. The blades then grind the spices directly into the bowl. Once you are done grinding, you can just pop off the FinaPod, and either use it in your cooking or store it for later. 

State of the Art Grinding Blades and Grinding Speeds 

Like we stated above, a common issue that plagued older grinders is they were unable to create even and precise spices. The reason behind this is the grinder blades were of bad quality, or the speed of the grinder was uneven. FinaMill looked at this problem and decided it was about time something was done about it. The FinaMill uses industry-leading grinding blades to ensure a perfect grind every time. To help regulate the grinding speed FinaMill added the ability to control the speed of your spice grinder so you will be able to grind your spices to your exact needs. 

The Best Price on the Market 

Electric spice grinders are great, but because of the price, many people aren't able to afford them. FinaMill decided that everyone deserves the best ground spices, not just the wealthiest among us. That is why FinaMill priced its spice grinder to be one of the most affordable spice grinders on the market. Now no matter what your budget is, you can finally enjoy freshly ground spices in your home. If you are interested in getting yourself a spice grinder, we encourage you to visit the FinaMill website today.