How the FinaMill Spice Grinder Is Disrupting the Pre-Ground Spice Market

by Alex Liu on Apr 16, 2020

How the FinaMill Spice Grinder Is Disrupting the Pre-Ground Spice Market

When it comes to the culinary arts, the best tool in a cook’s tool belt is the spices. Indeed, for the last several centuries, the use of spices in cooking has become essential for creating good quality food. Therefore, it is no surprise that the spice market is one of the biggest in the world. However, there are a few downsides when a market gets as big as the spice market. First, you will have to deal with stagnation. It is hard to convince these massive companies to try something new and different when all they see is the same system working. Also, consumer choice often gets left behind when a market gets to a specific size. As a market gets bigger, you encounter a situation in which two to three companies own the entire manufacturing process. In this article, we will go over how the spice market operates today and the flaws in the system. Also, we will go over how FinaMill is introducing new products in the market that are making people rethink how spices should be used. 

Current Domination of the Pre-Ground Spice Market 

It is no secret that currently the spice market is dominated by companies that promote pre-ground spices. If you are unfamiliar with what pre-ground spices are, here is a short description. Pre-ground spices are products that promote convenience. How it works is a spice business will grind the spices at a factory or plant. Once the spices are ground, they are bottled up and sent all over the US to be sold at grocery stores. The massive spice corporations then market these ground-up spices as the convenient choice for your spice needs. On the surface, this idea seems reasonable enough, but there are a lot of issues with the current system. 

One of the most significant issues is the quality of the spice and final product. For example, many spice companies do not care about the overall quality of the spices they sell. With this in mind, it is in the best interest of the company to buy up inferior and cheaper spices for the grounding process. Also, when anything is mass-produced, large companies often take the measure to add preservatives or other chemicals to ensure the product remains fresh. These preservatives can cause loss of flavor to the final product. Also, preservatives can have a negative effect on someone's overall health. 

The Spice Grinder Market 

If you have no interest in using pre-ground spices, you do have options. For example, spice grinders are the most exceptional alternative to pre-ground spices. If you are not familiar with what a spice grinder is or how it works, here is a brief description. A spice grinder works by you placing whole spices in a compartment on the grinder. Blades inside the grinder will proceed to chop or grind the spice until it is at your desired levels. When it comes to who likes to use a spice grinder, you will find they are popular among professional chefs and those who enjoy good spices. Spice grinders provide a better-quality spice compared to the pre-ground spice market. Also, individuals enjoy the customization you get from choosing how fine or course you want a spice to be. 

Electric vs. Manual 

Spice grinders are often separated into two categories. These categories are manual and electric. Both the manual spice grinder and electric spice grinder come with their own pros and cons. Manual spice grinders are great if you are new to spice grinders and are looking for a cheap entry-level grinder. Indeed, all manual spice grinders require you to manually turn the blades to grind the spices. A benefit of the manual spice grinder is the price. In fact, manual spice grinders are often way more affordable when you compare them to the electric model. However, this low-cost model comes at a price. For example, because of the accessible nature of manual spice grinders, they often do not last as long compared to electric spice grinders. This will require you to fix or replace manual spice grinders more often. Also, manual spice grinders cannot grind with the same precision as you find in electric spice grinders. 

Electric spice grinders should be your choice if you want a more powerful spice grinder. Instead of manually turning the blades to grind spices, an electric spice grinder utilizes a motor. This motor can better utilize the grinding blades, which in turn provides more power to grind up spices. There are also other benefits to using an electric spice grinder. First, there is a significant convenience factor when using an electric spice grinder. Indeed, to use an electric spice grinder, all you need to do is press a button and let the motor do the work. Also, a lot of electric spice grinders allow the user to control the speed of the blade, which provides more customization options. However, there are downsides to using an electric spice grinder. The biggest downside is the cost of an electric spice grinder. Indeed, these machines are often considered a luxury item that comes with a significant price tag.  

 FinaMill and the Road to Change 

FinaMill did not invent the spice grinder. In fact, humans have been using some form of a spice grinder since we were able to walk upright. However, over the past several years, FinaMill has made it their mission to find and fix every problem with the modern spice grinder. Indeed, FinaMill is determined to make spice grinders accessible to everyone so we can move away from the pre-ground spice market. Here are just a few of the ways FinaMill is revolutionizing the spice market. 

Power of the Electric Grinder Without the Price Tag 

A significant turn off for a lot of people wanting to get into the spice grinder market is the cost. FinaMill saw this problem and decided to do something about it. That is why FinaMill introduced their state-of-the-art flagship spice grinder. The FinaMill spice grinder gives you all the benefits of an electric spice grinder without costing as much. In fact, the FinaMill spice grinder starts at only $25. When you compare this price with competitors, there is no doubt FinaMill is the more affordable. 

The Revolutionary FinaPod 

The most significant contribution FinaMill has made in disrupting the pre-ground spice market is the FinaPod. The biggest advantage pre-ground spices have is that the spices come in a jar for easy storage. With the invention of the FinaPod, FinaMill just took that advantage away from them. The FinaPod allows you to grind your spices directly into a small pod. Once you are done grinding, you can detach the pod, put a lid on it, and store it for later. Indeed, the FinaPod is ending the century-long stagnation in the spice market. 

Purchasing the FinaMill Spice Grinder 

If you are interested in purchasing yourself a FinaMill spice grinder, we recommend you come to our website today. We offer a selection of spice grinders as well as the accessories you need and want. Also, if you are interested in reading more articles on the spice market and other news, our blog is full of useful information.