A Guide to Using Freshly-Ground Spices at Every Meal

by Melanie B on Feb 15, 2021

A Guide to Using Freshly-Ground Spices at Every Meal

What could be better than sitting down to a delicious dinner that’s fragrant and flavorful with your favorite freshly ground spices? Now imagine getting that flavor at every single meal. Adding spices to your meals may require a bit of creativity, but it will be worth it. Freshly ground spices add flavor to meals and are healthy for your body. FinaMill spice grinders make the process of cooking with fresh spices simple and easy. Once you have your grinder and fresh spices ready to go, it’s time to make each meal flavorful and rich! 

Have Fresh Spices Handy 

The first step of using freshly ground spices at every meal is to actually have them handy in the cabinet or on a spice rack. It is a pain to always be running out to the grocery store every time you cook a recipe to get the spices you need. Instead, build up a collection of fresh spices. These spices last a long time, so you can buy spices even if you don’t plan to use them immediately. Fresh spices are a lot more flavorful than pre-ground spices you get in containers at the store. Once spices are ground, they begin to lose some of their flavor, which is why it is best if you can grind fresh spices in your kitchen right as you are preparing your dish.

In addition to simply having fresh spices on hand, make sure they are within arm’s reach of the stove and easy to grab. This makes cooking a lot easier! Also, invest in airtight containers to store the spices in. This will keep them fresh longer. Check out the Container Store for a wide variety of storage options. Having a large collection of spices that are easy to grab in your kitchen will encourage you to use them at every meal.

Buy in Bulk 

In addition to starting a diverse spice collection, buy your favorite spices in bulk. This ensures that you will always have them ready to go. Salt and pepper are two spices that you should always have in bulk. Think about the spices you use the most and head to the store to buy them. Buying in bulk can save you money in the long run! Bulk spices can be ordered online or purchased at grocery stores like Whole Foods.

Get Those Spice Grinder Pods Ready to Go! 

FinaMill spice grinders come with two quick-change spice pods. The process is fast and easy. Simply put your fresh spices in the pods, attach the pod to the FinaMill, and grind away! In addition to the two pods that come with the battery-powered grinder, additional pods are available for sale. If you have fresh spices that you use frequently (like salt and pepper), keep them inside the extra pods so they are ready to attach and use at any time. The pods are easy to grab, attach, and use at every meal. Once you are done using a pod, it can be hand washed before adding in a new spice.

Spices are Good for Your Health!

Looking for more reasons to use fresh spices at every meal? Spices are good for your health. Healthline lists 10 herbs and spices that offer major health benefits, from lowering blood sugar to fighting inflammation. Do your research and figure out which spices you need to boost certain areas of your health. It will feel good to know the benefits behind the fresh spices as you grind them over your meals throughout the day. 

In addition, pledging to use spices at every meal will keep you from eating certain unhealthy foods. For example, it’s nearly impossible to think of a good spice that can be put on your unhealthy, sugary breakfast cereal. Switch up your usual bowl of cereal and whip up some eggs sauteed with your favorite fresh spices! The more effort you put into using fresh spices in your kitchen, the healthier your meals and snacks will become. Challenge yourself to use freshly ground spices at every single meal and snack for a week. The challenge will be transformative and the habit will easily stick!

Brainstorm Recipes 

If you are someone who needs guidance on using your spices, have no fear, Pinterest is here! Pinterest is a website/app that serves as a virtual bulletin board where users can “pin” things they find and like, from fashion to recipes to everything in between. Sign up for a Pinterest account and use the search box to find recipes that utilize your favorite spices. For example, type in “recipes that use cinnamon” in the search box and you will be shocked at the number of results you get. Pin these recipes to a board so that they are saved for later. Brainstorming and sifting through recipes will help you build a menu full of flavorful meals that you can access anytime you are having trouble deciding what to cook. 

Using fresh spices at every meal may initially sound intimidating, but with the right spices, tools, and recipes, it’s simple! FinaMill makes battery-powered spice grinders with interchangeable pods, making it simple to switch between grinding a variety of fresh spices quickly and easily. Start a collection of spices in your kitchen and buy in bulk to save money and time spent running back and forth between the grocery store! Next, brainstorm recipes and get creative about how you can integrate freshly ground spices into every single meal you eat. Remember, spices are great for your health! For more information about FinaMill products, check out our website, where you can find our products and recipe ideas. FinaMill is the perfect addition to your kitchen or an ideal gift for a birthday, bridal shower, or housewarming party!