5 Benefits of Using a Battery-Operated Spice Grinder Over a Manual Grinder

by Melanie B on Dec 11, 2020

5 Benefits of Using a Battery-Operated Spice Grinder Over a Manual Grinder

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There are numerous benefits that make a battery-operated spice grinder an excellent choice for your kitchen or an ideal gift.

The aesthetic and sleek appeal of the FinaMill battery-operated spice grinder enhances any countertop. Also, the FinaMill spice grinder comes in black, red, or white. Color choices are not typically an option with manual grinders.

Aside from aesthetics, consider these 5 benefits of a battery-operated spice grinder versus a manual one. 

Using a Battery-Operated Spice Grinder is Easy

Freshly-ground spices are loaded with robust flavor. The taste of those spices rests in their oil. When the oil is exposed to air it evaporates. This is why freshly-ground spices taste so much better. The oil isn't as vulnerable to losing flavor through evaporation.

You receive the full flavor benefit of the spice’s oil when you grind them for immediate use. 

Using a pestle and mortar method to grind spices has old-world appeal, but is a  laborious process. 

The same is true with manual spice grinders that use a twist mechanism. Why stress your wrist with a manual grinder, when freshly-ground spices are available at the touch of a button? Battery-operated spice grinders are so easy to use!

You simply place the whole spice in a FinaMill pod, connect it to the grinder, and press the button. The result is freshly-ground spice in a snap. When it’s that easy, you’ll find yourself taking advantage of freshly-ground spices in your recipes often.

Battery-Operated Spice Grinders Produce the Best Results 

The motor in a battery-operated spice grinder produces more finely-ground spice than a manual grinder. A battery-operated grinder also produces consistent results. But if you do need different results, the FinaMill spice grinder gives you the option of adjusting the coarseness level of grinding.

Manual spice grinders don’t provide that option. They also don’t always produce consistent results. The manual spice grinder mechanism is not as precise as a battery-operated grinder motor. 

The teeth in a manual twist-type spice grinder wear over time. As a result, it causes you more effort, while producing less finely-ground spices. This is not a concern with a battery-operated spice grinder. 

When you spend the extra money for whole spices and want the best results, choose a battery-operated spice grinder. 

Battery-Operated Spice Grinders Save Time

Manually grinding spices pauses your meal prepping process. The manual process takes so much time, which you don’t always have enough of in the kitchen. spice grinder

A battery-operated grinder produces freshly-ground spices in seconds. And the FinaMill spice grinder’s one-handed operation allows you to multi-task. You save time in the kitchen with a battery-operated grinder with the best freshly-ground spices. 

The FinaMill Battery-Operated Spice Grinder Reduces Waste

Have you ever thrown spice away, because you miscalculated? You put more whole spice than you needed in the manual grinder and ended up with waste. With the FinaMill Spice Grinder, you simply leave extra spice in the removable pods for use in your next meal. Less waste means you save money as well. 

The FinaMill Battery-Operated Spice Grinder Eliminates Cross-Contamination

Our goal for FinaMill was to create the perfect spice grinder. One thing that wasn’t being addressed with spice grinders was cross-contamination. It’s virtually impossible to remove all traces of spice from manual grinders. We solved that problem with FinaMill’s removable pod design. 

When using separate pods for each spice, you don’t have to worry about commingling flavors. If you grind pepper to season the main entree, simply switch out the pod when you need fresh nutmeg for a dessert recipe. The taste of your dishes remains true to their original recipes. 

These options are not available in manual spice grinders. 

Considering that you receive all the benefits mentioned, you might think a battery-operated spice grinder costs significantly more than a manual version. Not so with the FinaMill spice grinder - it is an affordable option under $30. 

Order your FinaMill battery-operated spice grinder today!