4 Benefits to Having a Spice Grinder with Interchangeable Pods

by Alex Liu on Sep 15, 2020

4 Benefits to Having a Spice Grinder with Interchangeable Pods

One of the best parts of a home cooked meal is that you can be creative with how you use spices. While prepackaged spices may seem like the quick and easy option, freshly ground spices will elevate the flavor profile of your food, making it even more delicious. Save money by buying the whole form of spices and then freshly grinding them yourself. The quickest and easiest way to grind your own spices is to invest in a spice grinder with interchangeable pods. This will allow you to work with multiple spices, have a free hand to cook with, and avoid cross contamination. In addition, the pods are easy to clean!

How Does a Spice Grinder with Interchangeable Pods Work?

FinaMill has created a spice grinder that uses interchangeable pods. The grinder comes in two different options. One is AA-battery operated and the other is USB rechargeable. First, attach an interchangeable pod filled with a whole spice to the grinder. Next, simply push a button and the grinder will turn the whole spice into a freshly ground spice that can be used in your recipe. When you are ready to grind a new spice, simple attach another pod with one hand and grind away! Pre-fill the pods with the spices you will need for the recipe so that you can quickly switch from one pod to the next without having to fill up the pod first. The process is so easy! The grinder allows you to grind the exact amount of spice you need so that nothing goes to waste. In addition, cooks can select the grind size they want, meaning you can get a finer or coarser freshly ground spice depending on what you need for the recipe. The grinder uses a ceramic grinding element and the plastic pod is BPA free.

One-Handed Operation

Whether you are a home chef or a professional chef, you know how busy it can get in the kitchen. It can often feel like you are doing 100 tasks at once and that you could use a few more hands! The FinaMill spice grinders allow for one-handed grinding so that you can still have a free hand to handle other kitchen tasks. For example, if you are cooking risotto that needs to be constantly stirred, how can you take a break to grind up the peppercorns that need to be added to the pot? The FinaMill grinder allows users to grab the grinder, attach a pod, and grind away while only using one hand. Don’t worry about your risotto sticking or chicken burning while you try to grind spices. The FinaMill grinder allows you to do it all!

Cook with Multiple Spices


Most grinders require cooks to fill up the grinder with the whole spice, grind, and then empty to fill with a new spice. With the FinaMill grinder, the spices are stored in the interchangeable pods so that you can easily switch from one pod to the next without having to empty and reload. Before you start cooking, get out all the spices you need for the recipe. Fill each pod up with the needed amount. Set the pods aside in an easy-to-reach spot. Once you are ready for the spice, grab the grinder, click on the pod, press the button, and you will get a freshly ground spice for your meal. Press the button to release the pod, and then quickly and easily switch to the next needed spice. You will save so much time by not having to constantly unload and reload your grinder between uses.

No Cross Contamination

Another benefit of the interchangeable pods is that cross contamination can be avoided. Some spices are really strong and their flavor profile can easily be left behind in the grinder, contaminating the flavor of the next spice you use. Since each spice has its own pod, you don’t have to worry about two or more spices getting mixed up inside the grinder.

Easy to Clean

Lastly, a grinder with interchangeable pods is easy to clean. Instead of trying to clean the inside of the grinder, all you have to do is clean out the pods so that they are ready to use for the next time. Clean the pods by brushing out debris and hand washing with water. Then, let the pods air dry. FinaMill recommends that you replace your pods every two years. All pods are BPA free to ensure safety.

What’s Next? 

FinaPod has big plans to add new pods to the lineup so that you can use them even more in your day-to-day kitchen tasks. In 2021, a FinaPod XL will be released that is perfect for larger spices and even works with espresso! In addition, FinaPod Herbs is also coming out in 2021 to make grinding of fresh herbs even easier.

A spice grinder with interchangeable pods has many different benefits. From being able to use it one-handed to avoiding cross contamination, interchangeable spice pods are a must for any cook! The FinaMill grinders are easy to use and allow cooks to easily and quickly switch between multiple spices as they are cooking. The best part? You can get as many pods as you need! This is perfect for chefs who like to use a lot of different spices in their dishes. Not only do the pods make cooking easier, they make clean up easier as well. For more information about the FinaMill grinder and interchangeable pods, contact us today. We can’t wait for you to elevate your cooking experience.